Where to Find Liquidation Price on KuCoin Futures

TL;DR- (Mobile) I’ve found the easiest way to view this is by downloading the KuCoin app on your iPhone/Android device. On the mobile app, click the futures(100x) button on the bottom right. Scroll down and you’ll see your open positions. In the top middle of your open position data you’ll see the liquidation price.

(Desktop) go to your trading screen on KuCoin futures. Scroll down- you’ll see your open positions. Near the middle of your open position info banner you’ll see your liquidation price.

If you still can’t see your futures positions

KuCoin is buggy as fuck- and it’s frustrating when this happens. I’ve found a few fixes that work (but now always):

  • Log out, clear your browsing history for the last hour, and log back in
  • Log in to your KuCoin futures account on another browser
  • Look at your positions on KuCoin mobile (I’ve found this one always works)
  • Refresh the page multiple times

What’s liquidation price again?

Note: using leverage in crypto is the definition of insanity. Not financial advice- but those who stay alive in the crypto leverage game are extremely prudent with their leverage (2x-3x). We’re already talking about an asset class here that’s 12-15 times more volatile than stocks- which are themselves considered too volatile by many. When I trade with leverage, I do it with very small amounts (<2%) of my crypto portfolio.

Liquidation price is the price the crypto you’re trading will have to go to for you to take a 100% loss on your investment. If the crypto hits your liquidation price, the house (KuCoin) wins and you lose your money. It’s like the dealer getting blackjack.

Quick example of how leverage works

You buy $100 worth of Bitcoin at 5x leverage. KuCoin turns around and buys you an extra $400 worth of bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin drops 20%, you’re wiped out and your holdings go to zero. If you lever up to 100x, the price only needs to drop 1% for you to get wrecked. It’s fucking nuts.

For the pictures you’re seeing in this article, I placed a 5x long trade on Bitcoin here with $100. This means KuCoin put up an extra $400 for me to buy $500 worth of Bitcoin in total. I bought around a Bitcoin price of $41,700 at 5x, so KuCoin is showing my liquidation price to be 20% less than that, or about $33,500.

How to find your liquidation price on KuCoin (desktop)

1. Login to your KuCoin account. Click assets in the top right. When you land on the asset overview screen, navigate to your futures account on the bottom left. In the futures account box, click the trade icon.

2. You’re brought to the futures trade screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. You’ll see the positions menu. Toggle to the positions [x] button. Underneath liquidation price, you’ll see the price at which your trades will go Lehman Brothers on you (go to zero).

If for some issue you follow the instructions below and can’t find your liquidation price, you can input the details of your investment in Binance’s futures calculator and find it.

There’s also a futures/liquidation calculator on the KuCoin futures trading screen. To view this, go to the trading screen and click the calculator icon on the top right.

Click the liquidation price text at the top of the calculator. Here you can enter your leverage, long or short (buy/sell), and price- KuCoin will show you what your prospective liquidation price is.

50x leverage in crypto == insanity

You still might not be able to see your positions on KuCoin futures. Why? Because KuCoin is buggy AF. As a software product manager, I can’t blame them too much given they have tens of millions of users and not much staff in their Singapore office.

If this isn’t working, try accessing KuCoin through another medium/browser. If you’re using KuCoin on Google Chrome, try it with Safari or Brave. Try downloading the KuCoin mobile app and checking it there if you haven’t done so.

Will I owe money if I use leverage and lose on my trade?

No, you won’t owe money. This is what the liquidation price is- KuCoin will take your invested money before the price of the crypto goes low or high enough for you to owe anything. When you place a long trade, KuCoin will show you the approximate price the coin has to dip to for you to be liquidated. This doesn’t mean leverage can’t wreck you, though. If you leverage heavily on a long, the crypto only needs to move down a small amount for you to lose everything you put in. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend using the leverage feature when doing your first dozen or so short trades with KuCoin. If you lose 50%, 75%, or even 90% of your trade, you can always come back from it. If you get wiped out, you’re out of luck! Not financial advice- but remember that leverage is insanity.

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