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The Perfect OpenSea Banner Size

Supply outstrips demand in the NFT space.

OpenSea hosts thousands of NFT collections. Your NFT collection is a drop of water in the ocean.

Heavy competition means you need to make your collection stand out with a correctly-sized, beautiful banner. 

Your Opensea banner is the first thing a user sees when they land on your page.

In this guide, I’ll show you a free way to get the most out of your NFT collection banner or your OpenSea profile banner. 

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The perfect OpenSea banner size

While OpenSea officially recommends a banner size of 1400×1400 pixels for your NFT collections, it doesn’t optimize for specific devices. 

Scores of users have complained that using the official recommended size makes their banners look like shit- grainy, cropped, off-center, etc. 

I recommend a banner size of 2800 × 1000 pixels. 2800 pixels is the image width, and 1000 pixels is the image height. 

You can take any image and use the Simple Image Resizer to get it to 2800 by 1000 pixels. See the step-by-step on the resizer below. 

To ensure your resized photo isn’t grainy, try finding an original picture larger than 2800 by 1000 pixels.

OpenSea will compress your image, so the original needs to be quality and have good proportions.

Different devices, different appearance

How will people view your collection- on mobile or desktop?

It depends on the location. If your target audience is in India, you’ll want to optimize for Android/mobile since 70%+ of all web traffic is with Android. If your target market is North America and Europe, you should optimize your banner size for desktops. Which of these should you do?

What banner size should I use on OpenSea for my collection?

Targeting desktop users is why I’m comfortable recommending you use a banner size of 2800 x 1000. It’s bigger than OpenSea’s recommendation- but that’s ok.  

Desktops have a higher screen resolution. Your Opensea banner will need to have more resolution than the standard 1400 x 1400.

Using 2800×1000 doesn’t mean that the banner will be optimal for all devices, but it’s the best start.

Start by resizing your image to 2800 x 1000. Upload your 2800 x 1000 banner to your OpenSea page. How does it look? Is the image too stretched vertically? Add more pixels to the vertical component (1000 + y). Is the image too stretched horizontally? Add more pixels to the width component (2800 + x).

You need to think about how your device’s screen resolution looks on different devices.

Get the most critical items into the middle or upper-middle of the banner, so everyone across devices sees them.

Most users looking to buy NFTs on OpenSea use their desktop browsers, with their browser wallets connected.

Only a smaller fraction of users buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea with mobile. The most lucrative customer segments are in North America and Europe. North American and European users are more likely to be using a desktop. 

Optimizing for Desktop

With a desktop, you won’t need to worry about page load times. In my realm (product management), we constantly think about load times and run-time complexities. 

People expect your collection page or profile page to load quickly. Page speed is primarily a mobile issue. I’ve put a picture below of desktop and mobile’s different page load scores.

You don’t need to worry about the 2800 x 1000 size being too large

OpenSea is going to use page optimization algorithms to compress your photo anyway. 

How to fix a blurry OpenSea banner

Does the banner you already uploaded look blurry? You uploaded a file size that was too small, and OpenSea compressed it further. It helps to err on the side of larger images. 

The objects in your image might also not have high resolution. 

I recommend you find a larger-sized image and follow the instructions below for the image resizer. 

How to resize your banner with a free image resizer

  • On your computer’s file explorer, select your banner image that needs to be resized. 
  • Under the define the new size of your image using: text, select dimensions. In the two text boxes, enter 2800 x 1000. Then select resize.
  • In the green text box that appears, select the download hypertext. 

Upload this banner image to your OpenSea collection or profile page. If it’s not perfect, you can always mess around with the pixel sizes.


Don’t assume your banner looks great on other devices. I’d recommend checking how your banner looks with mobile, desktop, and a few different browsers if you have the time.

I hope this has been helpful! OpenSea is a marquis NFT trading platform with millions of users, but I’ve found its light on documentation and how-to’s.

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