What’s the ‘Spending Password’ on Yoroi Wallet?

Your Yoroi wallet will prompt you to enter your spending password when sending funds from your Yoroi wallet.

When you set up your Yoroi wallet, you entered your spending password twice to set it up. Can’t remember this? That’s ok, neither could I.

The good news is that Yoroi will give you at least 5 attempts to enter your password!
I’d try using a few of the common passwords that you’ve used for other logins- Yoroi does give you X number of attempts before locking.

Is the spending password the same as my wallet seed phrase?

No. The spending password is a simple alphanumeric password- the same type of password you’d use for your Gmail login.

What to do if you’ve lost your spending password

Unfortunately, this is the only way to do this- you have to remove the wallet you have on Yoroi and reinstall is using your seed phrase.

To do this, go to the settings gear on the right side of the wallet page for the wallet you’re locked out of, and select the wallet button on the top menu.

Scroll down a select the red remove wallet button.

Now go to the top right drop down of Yoroi, open it and select add new wallet.

Yoroi will prompt you for your seed phrase when you’re adding an existing wallet. Enter it. You’ll then be prompted to set up your new spending password. Be sure to remember it this time!

If you also don’t have your seed phrase, I’d recommend contacting Yoroi Support and see if their team can do anything. They’re a really small company, and there are millions of users of Yoroi, so I wouldn’t expect a fast response. I could be wrong about this though!

One last thing. If you’ve got a hardware wallet like a Ledger, you can connect that shit to Yoroi and have the security a hardware wallet provides but the staking rewards that Yoroi provides. Sweet!

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