Send Crypto from Binance to Coinbase Fast & Cheap

TL;DR- To get crypto from Binance to Coinbase, get all your crypto into Stellar Lumens (XLM) and send it to your Coinbase XLM address. Stellar transactions require you to fill out the ‘memo’ field- don’t forget to do this! Other network fees are too high and it takes too long. See my walkthrough below for how to do this.

Note: The example below will be for, but using regular will use almost the same button clicks/steps.

Cashing out your crypto

Not financial advice- but after huge pumps, it always helps to take profits along the way up. There’s nothing wrong with making a little money! No one ever went broke taking small, incremental profits.

Being able to quickly cash out your crypto when you need to is really important. Although Coinbase’s fees are very high, most people in the US and Europe still use Coinbase as their primary exchange. By primary exchange, I mean the exchange they connect their bank account to.

Binance vs. Coinbase

First, know the difference between Binance and Binance.US. The original Binance has the whole playground of futures trading, hundreds of exotic altcoins, and other features. Binance.US is a stripped down version of that but has passed the snuff of US regulators. We’ll probably see a lot of this in the future. I mean the regulation and stripping down of features on crypto exchanges. Crypto is a threat to central banks- do you think that’s going to go over well with the wrinkly old politicians and their banker lobbyists.

Binance.US ‘only’ has about 50 or so cryptocurrencies, mainly large and mid-cap currencies. Not small cap cryptocurrencies. This is because when we suffer market corrections, the small caps lose a ton of value. Bitcoin may lose 20-30% in a correction; small caps lose 80%-90%. It’s tough to come back from this. This boom and bust is what scares lawmakers.

Binance has far lower fees on trades than Coinbase, which is why I am fine converting my crypto to Stellar Lumens (XLM) before I send it back over to my Coinbase account. Binance’s fees on these transactions average around 0.1 percent, while Coinbase’s fees are far higher.

Coinbase withdrawal times

I wrote an entire piece on how fast Coinbase withdrawals are- that is, how long it takes for the money to hit your account! The summary here is that Coinbase has an ‘instant’ feature that carries a 2-3% fee (too high), and a ‘regular’ withdraw feature that is slower. The ‘regular’ withdrawals have taken anywhere from same day to three days for me, with an average of two days. Unless you need your money right now, go with the regular withdraw feature.

How to send crypto from Binance to Coinbase

In this example I work with Stellar Lumens (XLM), because it’s fast and cheap. But keep in mind you can send crypto from Binance to Coinbase with any crypto both exchanges carry. The difference will be the networks fees (very high with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens) and transaction times (up to an hour with Bitcoin).

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is convert your crypto to Stellar Lumens (XLM). Unless you’re holding USDT, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, you’re going to need to convert your current cryptos to USD (most common), Bitcoin or Ethereum, then buy XLM with it.

On the top menu, go to trade and select markets on the drop down menu.

On the left drop down menu, type in the crypto you hold in your wallet and finding the trading pair with USD. Select the trading pair.

2. For selling, click sell on the right side box. Click market on the next tab (or limit if you have the patience/want to do limit trade). Slide the percentage bar to the amount you’d like to see to convert to XLM and send to Coinbase. Select red ‘sell [crypto]’ button on the bottom. After a few moments you’ll get notifications showing the trade completed. Now we have USD!

3. We’re going to repeat the same process to buy XLM, but we’ll be using the buy feature on the right side menu. Find the XLM/USD trading pair, and buy the amount of XLM you’re looking to send over to Coinbase.

4. Now we have a fast and cheap crypto (XLM) to send over to our Coinbase account. Open another browser tab and login to your Coinbase account. Click the send/receive button on the top right.

On the pop-up, hit the receive tab on the right. In the drop down below where it has the crypto name, click and search for XLM. Your XLM address and memo should show. First copy your address.

5. Navigate back over to Binance. Select the wallet button on the top menu bar. On your wallet page you’ll see your crypto assets listed. Navigate to Stellar (XLM). Click the three dots to the right of the crypto name and select withdraw from the drop down.

6. You’re met with the withdraw pop-up. First enter the amount of XLM you’re sending over to Coinbase. If you’re sending all, you can select max next to the Stellar (XLM) on the pop-up. Paste your Coinbase address. Flip back to your Coinbase tab and copy your memo #, then paste the memo # in the memo box. Select preview withdrawal.

On the next pop-up, review the information and double-check it’s correct. Then hit confirm withdrawal. You’ll likely get an SMS confirmation box. Hit send SMS and record the code sent to your phone. Select done. After this, you may need to do an email confirmation. Log in to your email and authorize the trade by hitting confirm withdrawal.

7. Pop back over to your Coinbase tab and go to trade. Navigate down to XLM or enter XLM into the search box. Click

Stellar when it pops up and navigate over to the wallet tab. You should soon see your completed XLM transfer if it isn’t there already. That’s it!

Wrapping up

I’d feel irresponsible here if I didn’t disclaim how widespread crypto fraud is right now. Always double and triple check addresses and memos in the case of Lumens. For each platform you’re trading on, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Consider getting a hardware wallet for crypto you’re hodling for longer periods.

Finally, the more you trade and move crypto around, the more you’re going to be paying in fees. As Warren Buffett said- as motion in your portfolio increases, your returns decrease. I’m personally a buy and hold crypto investor- meaning I hold my coins and don’t may much attention to the daily drama of crypto trading. I used to, but found it mentally unsettling. Now I stick to large caps like Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a small smattering of my portfolio in smaller cap projects with high growth potential. The space is highly speculative and fraught with pumps and corrections. Stay careful out there, and stay on the righteous path!

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