How to Send AVAX From Coinbase to Your MetaMask Wallet

TL;DR- Add the Avalanche network to your MetaMask wallet (it doesn’t have it by default). Copy your address and hop over to Coinbase and enter that address. You know the rest. See the below step-by-step for a full walkthrough.

Why Avalanche?

AVAX has been sending out positive triggers that investors are warming up to quickly. AVAX is a faster, cheaper, proof-of-stake alternative to Ethereum. Indeed, a lot of tokens are fighting for the title of “Ethereum-killer.” It’s worth noting that Avalanche has been identified as a possible victor in this race by a few top crypto experts.

Avalanche’s scalability, cheap cost, and speedier settlement times make it contender. The competition for DeFi market share is heating up. The utilization of three interoperable blockchains to offer scalability is one of the primary features that distinguishes Avalanche. As transaction volumes increase, blockchains that can not only process transactions securely but also cheaply and quickly will likely win out.

The other guides I’ve made on AVAX are worth a look too- you can store AVAX on your hardware wallet, you can stake AVAX, and you can learn what AVAX is all about and the advantages it carries over other smart contract cryptocurrencies that make it a good investment.

How to send AVAX from Coinbase to your MetaMask wallet

0. You’ll have needed to buy some Avalanche tokens on Coinbase to get the party started. Make sure you do this.

1. Add the Avalanche (AVAX) network to your MetaMask wallet. MetaMask is by default only configured to receive tokens on the Ethereum network, but is capable of receiving tokens on several networks. To add AVAX to your MetaMask, you’ll do some copying and pasting of values below. First open your MetaMask wallet and sign in. On the top right of the wallet, select the dropdown where it says Ethereum Mainnet or whatever network you’re on. On the bottom of the drop down, select add network.

A page opens on your default browser. You’re asked to fill in the network name, new RPC URL, chain ID, currency symbol, and block explorer URL.
Before you enter any of these, check the official website for the most updated values.

Enter the following values into the appropriate fields, then select save.

Network name: Avalanche


Chain ID: 43114

Currency symbol: AVAX

Block explorer URL:

The last two are optional but highly recommended. The block explorer URL is like Etherscan- it’s to track transaction you’ve initiated.

Congratulations! You now have Avalanche on your MetaMask wallet. If you have multiple accounts on your MetaMask (I have a separate one for my hardware wallet), note that doing this adds Avalanche for each of those accounts. Sweet!

If this still has you confused, click here for the full YouTube video walkthrough for adding the Avalanche (AVAX) network to your MetaMask browser wallet.

2. You’ll notice that the buy button on your MetaMask is not functional. Don’t worry, all you’ll need to do is hit the copy to clipboard button at the top of your wallet.

I’d also recommend opening up SnowTrace, Avalanche’s version of EtherScan. To do this, select the three dots on the top right and select view account in explorer. You’ll get a pop-up of your AVAX wallet on SnowTrace!

If you’d prefer, you can copy your AVAX address here, too.

3. Head back over to Coinbase. Click the send/receive button on the top right.

You’re met with the pop-up window (desktop). On the drop down menu, navigate to and select Avalanche (AVAX). Paste your address that you copied from either your MetaMask wallet or SnowTrace. Enter the amount you’d like to send. You can hit send all if that’s what you’d like.

Hit continue. You’re asked once again for confirmation. Hit send now. If you’re smart and have 2FA (please get it if you don’t have it yet), you’ll need to pass through that step as well.

4. Click over to SnowTrace by clicking the three dots in the top right of your MM wallet. Make sure the page is refreshed, and you should see your transaction go through pretty quick. Mine took less than 10 seconds. Over on your MetaMask wallet, you should see your new balance of AVAX.

Keep in mind the minimum amount of AVAX you can send from Coinbase is 0.1 AVAX ($5-$10) the year of this writing.


I found this a little strange and was surprised it actually worked. The reason is because the address I copied and pasted was the same as my Ethereum address for MetaMask. There’s quite a bit of confusion around the C-chain, P-chain, and X-chain variants of the Avalanche network. Different chains are used for sending and for staking. I’m wondering if a) MetaMask just uses the Ethereum address as cover for your actual AVAX address or b) you’re sending an ERC-20 (Ethereum) AVAX token. Complicated.

I’m glad this worked, though. True to Avalanche’s promises, the transaction was fast and cheap. Ethereum definitely has the upper hand right now (it’s the network for NFTs right now), but I could see something like Avalanche nailing a real-world use case and gaining adoption.

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