Rarity.Tool’s ‘Upcoming’ Feature: The Essentials

TL;DR- How do you find upcoming NFT projects? Enter Rarity.Tools/Upcoming. You’ll find lots of interesting projects. If you’re looking at this from an investing standpoint, the problem is that most of these collections are and will be useless. Supply greatly outstrips demand in the NFT space.

This article has info about finding those great collections ahead of time and how to get your collection listed.

About Rarity.Tools

Here’s the thing Rarity.Tools is helping you navigate: In NFT investing price is what you pay, value is what you get. If you’re able to find a rare NFT at a low price, your chances of making a profit on the sale of the NFT down the road is 10x greater than otherwise. The NFT market is grossly inefficient- if you can find those inefficiencies and exploit them, you’ll win the game. Not financial advice, though!

Rarity.Tools uses a method to calculate the rarity score of each of the pieces in an NFT collection. I appreciate when something is math-based and not some subjective aesthetic evaluation of NFTs!

Who runs rarity tools?

Rarity.Tools was founded by Allen Hena, a self-proclaimed “PNG trafficker.” Allen has several years experience in the cryptocurrency/digital asset space, and currently works as a consultant in those subjects in addition to running Rarity.Tools

How do I get my NFT collection listed on Rarity.Tools/Upcoming?

This one’s a little tougher to say. After one user emailed the Rarity team about their collection, the response was:
“We currently require projects to have a more established community/following on socials before listing on the upcoming calendar.”

What does this mean? To get an idea, I went in to the RT upcoming and clicked on the Twitters of a few of the collections to get an idea of the following sizes. Here’s what I found:

  • Doodories: 4,600 twitter followers
  • Mutant Kongz Lab: 18,500 twitter followers
  • Gamers Guild: 3,300 twitter followers

It looks like your project needs a solid following on Twitter and an active Discord to get listed on RT upcoming. Still, there’s no guarantee here.

Qualifying for a ranking listing on RT

In order to qualify your project for ranking or listing on rarity.tools:

  • At least 15% of your collection needs to have been revealed
  • Your project must have 500 or more unique owners
  • If you meet this criteria, go to rarity.tools/list/ and apply

Additionally, it costs the project owners 2 ETH to get the project listed. While this is a pain for owners, it’s good RT is providing a barrier to entry so we don’t get too many shit projects.

If you’re ready to submit your project to Rarity.Tools, go to rarity.tools/upcoming and select the Submit your project for this list button.

Even still….

Several users have gotten apologetic emails even after meeting the above criteria for listing an NFT collection on their rankings or having their mint/release event listed on their upcoming.

Since NFTs are such a gold rush right now, RT doesn’t release their full guidelines for getting listed. So yeah- it’s kind of like college admissions. There are some hard metrics that get you in the running, but there are several unknown metrics that can keep you out.

Rarity.Tools/Upcoming feature

The feature displays NFT project releases in chronological order, starting with ‘yesterday’s sales’. As you scroll down, you’ll see today’s project releases, tomorrow’s project releases, and so on.

On the top bar, you’ll see the links to the social channels, the price of the new NFTs (per NFT), and the supply. With new collections the prices are often very reasonable (i.e. 0.01 ETH). The rub with this right now is that Ethereum’s gas fees (what you need to complete the transaction) are so high. Often you’ll be paying more in gas fees than the price of the NFT itself, but this is part of the game. If the NFT spikes in value, it will quickly offset the gas fees lost for buying and selling.

One of my main criteria for screening NFT collections is the size of the social media following relative to the price of the NFT. Which collection would hold its value more- one with millions of followers, celebrity endorsements, and a roadmap or one without? NFTs are a crapshoot, but it’s good to have at least some method to the madness.


If you’re in NFTs for flipping and making quick money, you will likely lose money. A popular NFT blogger stated his principles for making money in the NFT space, and I tend to agree with him:

  1. Get money. You limit your opportunities in this space by saying “I’m just going to test with $100”. Better to find a consistent revenue source to make sure you can take MANY shots. P2E games, discord admin, make art, many opportunities to earn here, (if you need to).
  2. Work harder than others. Most can’t be bothered crossing hurdles, learning Metamask, learning Art, gaming, diving deep into discord, etc. That’s opportunity for those that DO. Hurdles are the universes way of filtering the worthy and non-worthy, (through effort).
  3. Negotiate. You can almost always get NFTs cheaper than listed price. If you look at Opensea sellers, some have their Twitter, discord links, etc. Negotiate a better buy price. Eventually you can buy full 5-6-7 figure portfolios at CRAZY discounts.
  4. Place bids. Again, listed price doesn’t have to be your buy price. Be patient and place some bids. Some trigger and you end up getting an NFT you can flip almost immediately for $.
  5. Project substance matters. If you’re only in it for $, mostly others are too. Discords with majority talk about floors, price, sweeping, etc 80% of the time will just move on after it slows down. If you’re not GENUINELY enjoying what the project offers, be cautious.
  6. Look for projects that disrupt the norm. This is where crazy money is made. Basically what 2017-2019 NFT investors were doing and WHY most of them are extremely wealthy now. blockchain is MADE to disrupt. hence why I like projects doing something new.
  7. Don’t chase influencers/fomo/hype. Most people want opportunities handed to them on a silver platter so they chase influencers and youtubers for what’s hot when they’re just mob buying and selling to each other. (some make $, most don’t).

He’s got a few more, but I definitely wanted to give his tweets a solid shout here. They are so true about NFT investing. He’s on twitter: @DCLblogger.

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