Is Basic Attention Token (BAT) a Good Investment in 2021?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) by default already has tens of millions of users via the Brave Browser. This is real-world adoption that many cryptos only promise. The coin has a fixed supply, so I see price increases almost certainly on the way.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token is the medium of exchange for a blockchain-based digital advertising platform. The most adopted and prominent feature of this platform thus far is the Brave Browser, which has experienced incredible success. The token itself in an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, so you’ll be able to store it in any wallet which you hold Ethereum. This includes Metamask, exchange wallets like Coinbase, and hardware wallets like Ledger. Like Bitcoin, the token has a fixed supply and could act as a store of value. The supply is 1.5 billion tokens, with 95%+ of that already in circulation. This makes for some good tokenomics.

Why digital advertising and owning your data are important

Digital advertising increases its share of all ad spend with each year that passes. It’s becoming more important than ever. Additionally, consumers are becoming more conscious that their data is an asset. When you use platforms like Google and Facebook for ‘free’, you’re actually giving up your data. Google and Facebook turn around and sell this data to advertisers who can show you targeted ads. Here’s the thing, though- your data should belong to you. It’s your asset. Basic Attention Token is how advertisers can pay you for your data. This idea of data ownership will be a dominant part of the conversation for the rest of the decade. Basic Attention Token and the Brave Browser are set to ride this wave.

The Brave Browser

The Brave Browser blocks ads and has a speedy interface. The browser bans trackers from spying on your pageviews. Instead, Brave makes sure you get paid with BAT for sharing your data. Your data is actually an asset, and BAT allows you to monetize that asset by selling your ‘attention’ and browsing history to advertisers. Advertisers benefit from this too- yes, they are paying BAT to serve ads, but since you provide your data, the ads are much more targeted. This is helpful because a lot of digital ads aren’t well targeted, something that costs ad companies like Google and Facebook billions every year. Brave already has around 40M monthly active users. On the publisher side, content creators can (like!) can be tipped in BAT for the content provided. If you yourself are a content creator, I’d recommend you look into embedded a BAT wallet into your site so you can receive BAT tips. You never know what those coins will add up to someday.

Get ready for some parabolic growth in usage of BAT and the Brave Browser

Seriously- go ahead and give Brave a try. It’s way faster than Chrome. Have you ever been on a site that has too many adds and only ~30% of the page is actually the content you’re looking for? It can be tiresome and ruin the experience. There’s a reason Brave has gained so much adoption in recent years.

BAT and Brave are a platform

When evaluating an investment, it always helps to think about its future against potential competitors. What’s stopping other smart people with resources from making something better than BAT and Brave? There’s one big, important thing. I’ll save you the lectures of my business school strategy professors- when you have a platform, it makes you harder to compete with. Brave and BAT have a three sided network of content publishers, users, and advertisers. When more users switch to Brave, more advertisers will follow. These double sided effects create a competitive moat around the project.

BAT and Brave Project Leadership

The creator of the Basic Attention Token and Brave Browser is Brendan Eich, the founder of the JavaScript programming language. Eich also co-founded the Mozilla Foundation, creator of the FireFox browser. So there’s some clout and brainpower behind this project.

Where could BAT go by 2025?

Since BAT is a small cap crypto, it’s likely to have a rough ride price wise with some big swings. If you’re a long term hodler though, you’ll likely come out on top. BAT is currently sitting around $0.70. As the Brave browser gains adoption and users, and data privacy grows in importance to consumers, I can only see demand for this token increasing. Since circulating supply is so close to total supply, I wouldn’t doubt this coin could make it to the $3-$5 range by 2025 or sooner.

Where to buy BAT

If you’re as bullish on this project as I am, you might want to have more BAT than the couple you’d earn a month operating the Brave Browser. BAT is currently available on Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, KuCoin, and Uniswap. Watch out for high fees on Coinbase. If you do use Coinbase, try to go with Coinbase Pro. You can use your same login credentials for Coinbase to access pro.

Personal Experience with BAT and Brave

I’ve been using the Brave Browser for around 6 months now and it says I’ve got some impressive time and bandwidth savings. It’s pretty neat. I’ve also earned about 14 BAT tokens, equivalent to around $11 USD. Not much, but at least it’s me getting paid for my data and not a giant tech behemoth monetizing me. I have found the browser to be particularly useful when reading blogs and news sites that are often crowded with ads. There is none of that when using Brave and it’s really refreshing. Since I like the coin so much, I do plan on adding some more BAT to my bags, although I like to keep my small cap holdings small because the dip so much in corrections.

Snapshot of my Brave Browser homepage


Are you going to let Google stop monetizing you? Why not monetize yourself, while getting faster browser speeds along the way? Privacy will be the defining issue for the rest of the decade with tech- we’re talking about several companies worth $2T dollars like Google, Facebook, and Apple facing pushback from consumers over their habits or privacy abuse and regulatory overrun. If the Brave/BAT ecosystem can capture some of that advertising revenue, there’s likely to be large increases in the BAT token. There are so many crypto projects out there- but I love it when a project already has some real world adoption and use. This one is going to be interesting.

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