How to View NFTs on MetaMask

TL;DR- to add your NFTs to your MetaMask wallet, you’ll need to use the ‘import custom token’ feature and copy/paste your NFT’s smart contract address. The NFT’s page should contain the smart contract address with hypertext- if you click it, you’ll be taken to Etherscan where you can copy the smart contract address.

If you haven’t already, I heavily recommend getting a hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano to hold your crypto and NFTs! A little bit of spending on security goes a long way in the jungle of a space that crypto is.

Note 1: If you’re looking to only do this with mobile, you can skip this whole process AND be able to see the actual NFT visual. To do this, download the MetaMask app from the App Store/Play Store, log in to your account, and select the Collectibles/NFT option to the right on your assets screen.
Note 2: when logging in to MetaMask, make sure you’re logged out of all other non-MetaMask browser wallets you may have (TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc.). You want to make sure and be connected to the right OpenSea account. OpenSea only allows one wallet per account. If you’d like to hold your NFTs in a different wallet, you’ll have to make a new account on OpenSea with that wallet and transfer the NFT over.

What’s actually going on here?
First things first, the private keys to the smart contract that says you’re the owner of the NFT live on your wallet. Like the crypto you ‘hold’, the NFTs live on the blockchain- and millions of computers worldwide acknowledge that you’re the owner of an NFT. If you want to sell or transfer your NFT, you use the private keys on your wallet to sign the smart contract that transfers the nFT to another person or wallet.
Not all wallets are wallets capable of holding NFTs.

For this example, I’ll be using an NFT owned on OpenSea that I’d like to see in my wallet. For other exchanges, the process is the same- you’ll need to find the contract address of your NFT. For step 0 of getting to view my NFTs in MetaMask, I’ll need to navigate to the NFT’s page on OpenSea.

How to view your NFTs on OpenSea

0. If you haven’t logged in to OpenSea: Go to, then select the profile icon in the top right. You’re brought to the ‘connect a wallet’ screen- choose your wallet.

Note- if you have several different types of wallets (i.e. Coinbase AND MetaMask), make sure you disconnect your ‘other’ wallet before proceeding on OpenSea. Now for the main walkthrough.

How to view your NFTs on MetaMask

1. Go to your profile page on OpenSea or whichever NFT exchange you’re using. Under the ‘collected‘ tab you should see the NFTs that you’d like to be visible in your MetaMask wallet.

2. Click the MetaMask icon in the top right of your browser if you have it pinned. If you don’t have it pinned, click the puzzle icon and navigate to your MetaMask and open it.

You should see your assets and your wallet should say ‘connected’ in the top right. Scroll to the bottom of your wallet and select import tokens.

Toggle to custom token on the right. You should see three blank fields you need to fill in.

The first item you’ll need to enter is the token contract address. To get this, go back to your profile on OpenSea and underneath collectibles, select the NFT you’d like to add to your listed tokens on MetaMask. Underneath the NFT visual click to expand the details section. the first item is the contract address. Click the hyperlinked text. You’re taken to Etherscan. On the page’s top left you’ll see the contract address Here use the Copy icon to the right of the address to copy the alphanumeric code to your clipboard.

Below is the Etherscan screen you’re brought to.

Paste the contract address back in your MetaMask wallet in the token contract address field. The token’s symbol (i.e. PUNKS) should appear in the next box. In the decimal box, enter ‘0’. Click add custom token.

The next screen shows the quantity of NFTs you hold in that collection. Select import token.

Back on your account home in your MetaMask wallet, your NFT tokens should be visible.

You should see the quantity of NFTs you own in that particular collection next to the NFT ticker (LION in this case). Lazy Lions are expensive! I only own one. But I love it.

Other thoughts about NFTs & browser wallets

This should go without saying, but be slow, deliberate, and careful when connecting wallets or transferring NFTs. Before sending, always check the first 5 and last 5 digits of wallet addresses. Always have your recovery seed phrase physically written (preferably more than once) and have that paper somewhere safe in your dwelling. Never give this phrase to anyone. Literally, no one. If you haven’t already downloaded the MetaMask app on your phone, doing so lets you actually see the NFT visual when you log on to MetaMask on your phone!

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