How to Transfer Your NFTs on OpenSea

How to transfer nfts on OpenSea

TL;DR- Go to your profile page on OpenSea. Under collected, hit the three dots on the bottom left of the NFT/assets you want to send and hit the blue transfer button. Authorize the transfer and gas fees on your wallet, enter the recipient Ethereum address, and send. See below for the complete walkthrough with screenshots.

NFTs on OpenSea

I’m not going to waste too much time talking about OpenSea as a platform, but I have to say they’re the dominant force in NFTs right now. They have an excellent interface, and every significant NFT collection dominating pop culture is listed on their platform. OpenSea has allowed creators to make their work tokenized.

OpenSea only allows one wallet per account, so many people need to transfer NFTs. If you want to switch your account to another wallet, I have a short instructional piece.

If you’re an NFT holder looking at it from an investing standpoint- it’s always good to be in a place where there’s a lot of website traffic, buyers, and sellers. OpenSea is the spot. Rarity.Tools has a great way to find an NFT’s rarity, but OpenSea is the marketplace.

Will my transfer cost money?

Yes- if your NFT is on the Ethereum network, you will have to pay the Ethereum gas fees until the new version of Ethereum comes out (late 2022, allegedly). If your NFT is on Polygon, it will cost, but it will be dirt cheap.

Why are you transferring your NFTs?

The answer was that I wanted to transfer my NFTs to my Ledger Nano hardware wallet. I think software wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet are great, but I’m not comfortable with storing an expensive NFT on one. Hardware wallets require you to physically plug it in and enter your pin for your NFTs to transfer anywhere.

Hardware wallets are becoming more popular as people worry about their collectibles getting stolen. Hardware wallets are the most secure type of crypto wallet.

Store it on a hardware wallet if you can

If I store my NFT on my hardware wallet, will it still be visible on my OpenSea page?

Yes, but you’re only allowed to have one wallet connected for each OpenSea profile. So if you want to keep your current username, follow my guide here to change your wallet on that username.

With a hardware wallet, you won’t have to transfer your NFT back to a software wallet to sell it or anything nonsensical like that.

I’ve written other stuff that’s relevant to performing actions on OpenSea if you’re interested:

This crypto degen has done his armchair expert internet research on OpenSea and how to use it.

How to transfer your NFTs on OpenSea

Have that wallet address ready

0. (Optional but makes it easier) Copy the Ethereum address of the account you want to send your NFT to and paste it into a word document.

OpenSea only allows logins for one browser wallet at a time. When you’re ready to hit ‘send,’ you’ll want to have this handy.

1. Log in to the OpenSea account you’re currently holding the NFT on. In this example, I’ll be transferring my Parallel Alpha NFT from my MetaMask wallet account (non-hardware wallet) to my Coinbase wallet account.

To access my MetaMask wallet, I click the fox icon in the top right corner of my browser.

Find the item page for your NFT on OpenSea

2. Click the three dots on the bottom left of the NFT you’re transferring. Select the transfer button with the gift symbol next to it when the drop-down menu shows.

3. After hitting the transfer button, OpenSea will allow you to select multiple NFTs in your collection. Once you’re done, select the blue transfer button in the bottom right.

MetaMask will pop up in the top right and request you sign the transaction. Select the blue sign button in the bottom right. The signature is authorization to send your NFT anywhere.

Paste destination address

4. OpenSea takes you to the transfer screen. Copy and paste your desired recipient account’s Ethereum address to the Wallet address or ENS name box. Double-check the first five and last five digits of your wallet address with your wallet before sending. When finished, hit the blue transfer button.

Pay the gas fees (Ethereum)

5. Now, for the part we all hate- the gas fee. Upon sending, MetaMask pops up on the top right with the site suggested gas fee. Do I have a choice if I want to send the NFT right now? No, I don’t. Hit the blue confirm button.

After hitting confirm, you can select the blue view transaction button to view the transfer on Etherscan, the Ethereum blockchain scanner. Soon after, you’ll see a transaction complete confirmation on OpenSea. Etherscan should be your source of truth for your OpenSea transfer.

Confirm if the transfer worked

6. (Optional) I like to log out of OpenSea on my current wallet and log back into my recipient wallet to double-check if the NFT is there. Click the round profile icon in the top right and select logout from the drop-down. Connect your new recipient wallet. Upon landing on your profile page, under collected, you should see your recently transferred NFT.

That’s it! If you click on the NFT’s profile page and look down by item activity, you can see the transfer history from one of your accounts to the other.

Do your NFT transfers carefully

I’ve made it standard practice to double-check the addresses to which I’m transferring my NFTs because I’m paranoid. I hope you do the same for all your OpenSea transfers.

Stay safe out there, and think long and hard before aping into some JPEGs. Know that most NFT collections (there are tens of thousands) will be worthless in the future.

Know what a good NFT collection looks like

To learn to spot some telltale signs of a good NFT collection, check my guide for it. Don’t get me wrong, though- I think NFTs are sweet, and there’s a chance we’re pretty early to a game-changing trend/technology here!

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