How to Transfer Crypto Between Coinbase and Zebpay

TL;DR- Copy and paste your Coinbase or Zebpay crypto addresses (make sure the networks match I.e. Bitcoin address for Bitcoin, Ethereum for Ethereum, etc.) after going to the send function on either platform. Transaction fees will be low if you’re sending on the Bitcoin network (~$0.25).

Buy your crypto first

In order to start trading and sending money around, you’ve got to purchase your crypto on an exchange that connects to your bank account. You can buy Bitcoin just about anywhere- on Coinbase, and in most countries on Zebpay, too.

One can send money from their bank account into ZebPay in order to purchase Bitcoins. Before you can start trading in bitcoins, you must go through a simple KYC. After presenting your ID card or another document, you may complete your KYC.

You may acquire Bitcoin using electronic payment options after placing an order. You can transfer money using a debit or credit card, NEFT, RTGS, or your bank accounts. The price of Bitcoin right now is $48,000.

However, this does not obligate you to acquire a Bitcoin; you can really make an investment in it. It is electronic money that is transferred via the internet. This entails moving bitcoins from their wallet to the wallet of a third party involved in the transaction.

Every transaction is documented on a blockchain, a public list. It’s important to keep in mind that every bitcoin transaction is recorded, but only with the wallet IDs of the buyer and seller rather than their identities.

The block chain is composed of data units called blocks that include all of the transaction’s details. Block chains are created when all the data is organised in chronological sequence.

How to transfer funds from Zebpay to Coinbase

On your phone, sign in to the Zebpay mobile app and hit the send button on the screen.

Enter the recipient wallet address on Coinbase. For more about navigating Coinbase, see the steps for getting your Coinbase wallet address. Where receiving address is asked for, provide the address from your Coinbase bitcoin wallet.

A pop-up will appear. On this screen, click OK.

Your Coinbase wallet will receive your Bitcoin. Keep in mind Bitcoin transactions take over an hour to settle because Bitcoin has one of the slowest transactions per second TPS rates.

Be careful

I’m always sure to double and triple-check the cryptocurrency addresses I’m sending funds to! You don’t get any second chances for screw-ups in crypto. Good luck!

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