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How to Recover Your KuCoin Account (Lost Smartphone, Email) & Set Up 2FA

TL;DR- Use the ‘Jump to Section’ bar above to get down to business whether you’ve lost your smartphone/two-factor authentication (2FA) device or need to set up 2FA for your KuCoin account. To recover your KuCoin account, KuCoin will ask you for various personal info like the approximate data of account creation, how much and when you funded the account, and uploads of your ID documents. KuCoin will then disable your 2FA temporarily to you can get in to your account. The process takes 1-3 business days.

Getting locked out of your KuCoin account can be a nightmare. Don’t fret- there’s a process for account recovery no matter what your situation. KuCoin’s response may not be as timely as you’d like, but the issue will get solved with patience and attention.

Did you write down your secret key somewhere when you set up your 2FA? If so, this will be much faster. Once you re-setup your 2FA, make sure you write down your secret key, the same way you would with your seed phrases for your crypto wallets.

Set Up 2FA on Coinbase, Binance, or KuCoin

Note: The crypto space is inherently dangerous and you’ve got to do everything you can to practice good cybersecurity hygiene. If you haven’t set up 2FA with all your crypto accounts, for the love of God please do so. Theft and hacks are widespread in this space, and 2FA makes your accounts far more secure.
If you’re looking to get set up with two-factor authentication here are helpful guides from the exchanges themselves:

For KuCoin, you need to have the Google Authenticator Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) app installed on your iPhone or Android device. No, you can’t do this with another 2FA app like DUO mobile. Go to the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) and download Google Authenticator.

2FA is the future!

Unlike bank accounts in most countries, crypto exchanges (by and large) do not have insurance on their accounts. This means if something goes wrong and you lose your crypto, you’re much less likely to get it back. Prevention is the best cure in this case.

In the event of your computer getting hacked, KuCoin does have a trading password that you enter before making any trades. So make sure you have that set up, too.


I can’t rave enough about how awesome KuCoin is. It isn’t fully available in the US and a couple of other countries, but you can still trade on the platform. If you live in the US, the only thing you can’t do is connect a bank account or credit card, and you’re limited to 5x for leveraged trading. This just means you fund your KuCoin account from another exchange and don’t trade with leverage (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway).

1 in 4 crypto traders worldwide trade on KuCoin. If KuCoin had publicly traded stock, I would buy it. The next best thing is the KCS token. An added benefit is that if you hold just $100 of KCS, you get a reduction in your (already low) trading fees.

How to recover your KuCoin account

1. Go to KuCoin and attempt to login with your email and password. When you arrive at the two-factor authentication screen, click the 2FA Unavailable? text underneath the right side of the entry box. KuCoin will send you an email verification code and ask you to input your trading password.

Check your email and enter the code sent by KuCoin. Then enter your trading password. KuCoin will then prompt you to upload photos of your ID for KYC.

One you’ve uploaded your info, KuCoin will disable your 2FA in 1-3 business days for a short period. Be sure to login during that time.

2. If you don’t have your trading password or access to your email account, after clicking submit a ticket you’ll see a drop down menu with options for issues.

Select the Google 2FA as the issue from the drop down. You’re brought to a screen with a form where you’ll need to fill our your email, phone number, approximate $ value of crypto in your account, and any information about what crypto was transferred to your account and when. The last bit could be a screenshot of when you funded your KuCoin account from your wallet or from another exchange like Coinbase. To do this, log on to Binance, Coinbase, or whatever exchange you funded your KuCoin account from and find the transaction in your transaction history. Screen short that transaction and the KuCoin wallet address you sent to and attach it to the form.

Once you’ve entered all the information, select Submit. Now you’ll need to wait 1-3 business days for the KuCoin support team to get you access to your account. KuCoin will officially unbind your old/lost smartphone from your account.

After you get access back to your KuCoin account, make sure than you set 2FA back up with your smartphone! Even if you lose your smartphone again, I’d rather go through this process several times than have my crypto taken from me because a lack of security measures taken.

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