How to Quickly Find Your MetaMask Seed Phrase

TL;DR- Click the multi-colored account circle on the top right. On the drop down menu, go to settings. Click Privacy & Security on the menu. Click reveal seed phrase. Enter your password. Your phrase displays. You can copy to clipboard or save as CSV file. For a full step by step with pictures, look below.

Note: for the love of God, never ever give away your seed phrase to anyone. There are scammers and hackers galore out there. Unfortunately, crime in the cryptocurrency space is rampant.

What to do with your seed phrase, and what it is

If you haven’t done so already, physically write your seed phrase by hand in a couple of different places and store it safely (like with your car title). If you lose your password, or otherwise get locked out of your MetaMask wallet, your seed phrase will be what MetaMask requires of you to get back in.

Your seed phrase with MetaMask is a 12-word English phrase consisting of words that usually don’t exceed 8-10 letters. The words are usually a mix of nouns, adjectives, and prepositions (i.e. head, mountain, bad, within).

How to get your MetaMask seed phrase

1. Open your MetaMask wallet by clicking the icon in the top right of your browser (if you have it pinned). If not, on Google Chrome click the puzzle icon and select your MetaMask app. Enter your password when prompted.

2. Click the account circle in the top right of your MetaMask display. If you’re looking to get the seed phrase for any of the other accounts on your wallet, you can click those. On the bottom of the transparent-gray drop down, select settings at the bottom.

3. Click on the security and privacy listing on the menu.

Now click the reveal secret recovery phrase button that’s highlighted in red.

Enter your password and hit next. MetaMask will display your seed phrase toward the bottom with a gray background. You’ll have the option to copy to your clipboard or save it as a CSV- but I would just physically write it down. What if a hacker took control of your computer and was able to find your seed phrase in your files? This is why I only write things down.

If you haven’t done so, repeat this process (physically writing your seed phrase down) for each of your MetaMask accounts. One more thing- I want you to make sure you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on all your crypto accounts on exchanges, wallets, etc. Don’t underestimate how rampant fraud and hacking are in this space.
It pains me to say that. I wish crypto were less volatile, less shady, and more transparent. These are the things that are holding the asset class back from becoming truly mainstream!

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