How to Post a Music NFT on OpenSea

Platforms like OpenSea are completely open for anyone to post and sell their original content. This is in contrast to other NFT platforms like Foundation, which operate invite-only. If you’re a musician, there’s an indirect way to post your music as unlockable content for an NFT!

NFTs are a little bit past their hype curve and settling down. New technologies often take a long time to gain traction in the mainstream world. But why not participate in the NFT space by creating some audio-based NFTs? Several artists have made some serious bank doing this- granted most of them were already well known. Katy Perry released some NFTs on the Theta blockchain, for instance.

How to Post a Music NFT on OpenSea

Go to the OpenSea homepage and log into your account by selecting the profile icon in the top right. Once you land on your account homepage, select the create button in the top right.

You’re brought to the create new item screen. In the center of the screen, you’ll see a drag-and-drop box for all types of files.

Open the file folder on your computer that contains the MP3 music file you’d like to upload as the NFT. You can either click and drop the file into the box, or you can click into the box and navigate to the file and select it.

Your audio file should appear in the box now- OpenSea also has a small audio player, so you can click the play button to make sure you grabbed the right audio!

Although the NFT is an audio file, you’ll still need to find a preview image for the NFT (people need to look at something while browsing through audio NFTs). This is the equivalent of your album cover. Since my audio file is a blues solo, I’m going to make/get a photo of a blues guitarist.

After this, you’re prompted to add an external link. If you’re a creator and you have a website, you could link to this- or you could link to your Twitter account. Just anything that lets the user know more about you the artist! You’re also prompted to add a description of the NFT, any properties, levels, or stats. You can also add unlockable content! You’re prompted to select the supply of the NFT as well. I always make it just one piece. Not like anyone’s gonna actually buy this anyway, right? You will also select whether this NFT will be on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain. When you’re done with all this, select the create button at the bottom of the page.

After a few seconds, you should get a pop-up congratulating you on creating your piece! You’ll then be brought to that piece’s homepage and have options to sell it (with the sell button in the top right) if you want to.

Will I have to pay Ethereum gas fees?

If you haven’t ‘initialized’ your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain, then yes- you’ll have to pay an Ethereum gas fee. Whether or not you’ve initialized your wallet depends on if you’ve sold any other NFTs on the blockchain before from your wallet address (and thus OpenSea account).

The reason you pay this one-time gas fee to sell is you have to let the Ethereum blockchain know that your ETH address is going to be having smart contracts, or ETH-721 tokens. This initialization will create a smart contract and list you as the NFT owner. Once you sell your item, the smart contract will show the new wallet address as the owner of the NFT.

Note about copywriting

Do not post copyrighted content as an NFT on OpenSea and attempt to sell it if you don’t own the copyright to that specific file. If you’re intending to sell your work, only upload original audio. If you do upload someone else’s copyrighted content, OpenSea will have the right to strip you of your OpenSea account. As of now, these copyright rules are not at all enforced- but I’d rather not take the risk. Be a creator. Make your own stuff. Participate in the NFT space ethically!

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