How to Increase Limits on Coinbase

Note: I’ve found that this feature is only available on Coinbase Pro. Don’t fret, though- if you have a regular Coinbase account, you can use your existing login credentials to log in to your Coinbase Pro account. There are no other steps you need to take other than go to and enter the same login you do for your regular Coinbase account. Then follow the instructions below to increase your limit.

Account limits can be a huge pain in the stomach. If you’re a day trader or someone working with more volume, you’ll want to have maximum flexibility when it comes to getting your money in and out of cryptocurrency markets. Timing can be everything– although, I gave up trying to time the crypto market long ago!

Today we’ll look at the process for increasing your account limits on Coinbase via Coinbase Pro. I found the process to be easy, and I was able to increase my daily deposit and withdrawal limit from $35,000/day to $50,000/day within a matter of hours. The Coinbase team was swift in their response.

Coinbase & Coinbase Pro

Coinbase has been nothing short of a fantastic success of a company within the cryptocurrency space. It’s the most prominent exchange in the US and many other western countries. Coinbase has publicly traded stock on the NASDAQ (ticker: COIN) and has a total valuation of around $34 billion- putting it next to giants like the Ford Motor Company.

Why is Coinbase so popular? It plays by the rules, is a regulated and publicly traded US company, and has a super easy user interface. They have decent customer support, something that can’t be said for a lot of crypto exchanges. The drawbacks? It has super high fees.

You know who doesn’t have super-high fees? Coinbase Pro. It’s easy to get started and get your account funded. Coinbase charges up to 0.5% on its trades while Coinbase Pro charges 0.1%. That’s a 400% difference.

Limits with Coinbase

Coinbase has a few different kinds of limits. I’m a ‘standard’ fully verified user in the US, and here’s what my limits are:

  • Bank purchases, deposits, and withdrawals: $35,000/day
  • Credit card purchases: $7,500/week
  • PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay limits (respectively): $1,000, $7,500, $7,500
  • PayPal withdrawals: $25,000/day
  • Instant sends: $1,000/day
  • Wire transfers: no limit

Note that Coinbase is a fully sanctioned US financial institution, so they’ll be reporting transactions above $10,000 to the US government or the equivalent amount and entity within your country. Also, I found that these daily limits were the exact same in my Coinbase Pro account before I attempted to raise them.

How to increase your limits on Coinbase

  • Log in to your Coinbase Pro account.
  • On the right side of the screen, select the drop-down underneath your username. Select the limits button.

  • You’re brought to your limits screen. In the middle of the screen, you should see two limits: your bank transfer limit and your bank withdrawal limit. If you’re a fully verified user in the US, these should be set to $35,000.

  • Underneath your daily withdrawal limit, you will see a button you need to click that says increase limits. You’ll be met with the request to increase withdrawal limit pop-up. Select from the dropdown the limit amount you’re requesting. In my example, I requested $50,000 (43% increase from the default $35k). Enter the reason for your request for a higher limit. I used the following text: “I plan on investing a significant amount into crypto assets this year….I do have a business that requires me to have a lot of cash on hand.” Just put the legitimate reason why you’re needing a higher limit. Next you’ll be asked to provide your LinkedIn URL (optional) and a copy of a recent bank statement. I chose to enter both of these things to get the quickest possible response.

“yes, I’ll be needing a $100M daily withdrawal limit from Coinbase.” -no one, ever

  • Select submit on the form once you’ve got everything looking good.
  • Sit and wait.

The evening I submitted my request to raise my daily withdrawal limit to $50k I got an email at 12:01am saying that my limit had been increased!

If your first attempt is unsuccessful, try lowering the amount, entering more thorough information, and having a bank account statement with lots of $$ volume on it. I’ve done this exactly once, so I don’t have too many ideas into what Coinbase’s process actually looks like for this. There’s always reddit and quora if you’re looking to get more input on your situation.

Coinbase One

If you’re looking for preferred customer support, you can always give Coinbase One a try for $30/month. Coinbase One has its drawbacks and strengths, so make sure you look into those before you start shelling out $30/month for it. This way you’ll be able to get someone on the phone/through chat right away who could help you raise your limit right now.

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