How to Get Your Account Verified on OpenSea and Get the Coveted Blue Check Mark

TL;DR- You need to have bought an NFT in the last 90 days. Don’t sweat- most of them are super cheap. In addition to having all your email/prof pic/banner filled in, you need a little bit of luck, too. Below I’ll discuss some factors that affect your chances of getting approved.

Why get the blue check mark?

First, if you’re an NFT owner, you may have a better chance of selling your NFTs or having your price bids for NFTs accepted. There’s a little bit of social signaling, the same way there is with having a verified Twitter or Instagram account.
Additionally, if you choose to mint your own NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, you may get more in sales when users see that the collection creator is someone with a verified account.

Factors that help you get your individual account approved

1. You’re someone well-known, especially in the public sphere or in the art/crypto/investing space.

2. You already have ‘verified’ accounts on other major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok.

3. You represent a brand that’s known in the public sphere, where there is scam risk if someone were to impersonate your brand.

4. You have a long and busy ($$$) trading history of NFTs on OpenSea, relative to other users (this is the easiest way to get approved).

5. Luck.

Additionally, you have to play by OpenSea’s rules, which basically consists of being a good user and not a scammy asshole.

Here’s a link to OpenSea’s official rules for verification. The link to apply is at the bottom of the page, but I’ve put the link below so you can skip this step.
Fill out this form on AirTable.
Scroll down on the form and select the account verification box to get started with your individual account verification.

The first field will ask for the URL of your account. To find this, open another tab on your browser and go to OpenSea’s homepage (without logging in) and begin to type in your username in the search box. When it appears in the drop down, select your username.

Now, copy and paste the URL of your account into the first entry field where OpenSea asks for your account URL.

Fill out the rest of the info in the form. Make sure for your email that you use the same email your have on your account (to find that go to profile icon in the top right and go to settings).

For the box where you need to put in a link to another social profile, I used my LinkedIn- but you should use whichever social account you have that has the most followers or presence, etc.

The next step is a little strange. You’ll need to get on to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platform and @OpenSea on a post/Tweet followed by your wallet address on your account. To obtain your wallet address, open your MetaMask or Coinbase wallet and copy the ETH address at the top. Don’t worry, this is your public address- you’re not giving away your private keys.

Throw the link for that post/tweet into the last entry box, agree to the terms of service, and then hit submit.

Now you’ve gotta give it at least five business days. In the meantime you should read my piece on how to spot great NFT collections on OpenSea.

Getting your NFT collection approved

Getting your account approved is one thing- getting your collection approved is quite another. To even be considered, your NFT collection needs to have at least 100 ETH (~$320,000) in trading volume. You also need to have all the NFT pieces in your collection minted. This doesn’t mean your collection will get automatically verified- OpenSea will then request more information from you and make a decision.

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