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How to Fund Your FTX.US Account

TL;DR- Click wallet on the top left of the homepage, then Deposits in the middle of the next page and then make a deposit on the right side. You can deposit any crypto from any of your crypto wallets, use a credit card, or link your bank account with ACH.

FTX is currently one of the most underutilized crypto exchanges despite being one of the most legit. FTX has raised more money than just about every other exchange. FTX has been proactive in working with governments and regulators wherever they operate, something will doubtless prove useful in the future.

Additionally, if you own at least $100 in FTT (FTX tokens) you begin to earn a discount on trading fees with FTX. Owning an exchange token is the most akin thing you’ll get to owning stock in an exchange. Exchange tokens of exchanges that have grown have had some astronomical gains. Binance’s BNB used to be $5 not too long ago. Now it’s 100x that.

A little about FTX

FTX was founded in May 2019 in Hong Kong by MIT graduates Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang. Given the encroachments on the freedom of enterprise in Hong Kong, the company decided to leave. The company has since relocated its international headquarters to the Bahamas, and is incorporated in Antigua and Barbuda.
Check out FTX’s website. Although FTX’s web and mobile interfaces aren’t quite as sexy as Coinbase and Coinbase’s app, there’s so much more about it that beats Coinbase.

Hong Kong harbour

For starters, the fees are small fractions of the extremely high fees on Coinbase. An important distinction to make here is that the US arm of the of FTX is FTX.US. This article will be talking about how to fund your account, although nearly the same interface and steps can be taken to fund your account.

Funding methods

Fiat currency via bank account/credit card

Although the site is called FTX.US, you’ll be able to make deposits in any currency and your deposit will be converted to US dollars. FTX.US also supports over 11 currencies despite the name. Fiat deposits with a bank account are free of fees. However when I deposited with a credit card, I incurred a 3.3% fee on my deposit. This is pretty wonderful/dangerous in a good way. I don’t know of any other exchanges right now that don’t charge a fee for credit card deposits.

Big disclaimer, though- if you’re making a fiat withdraw from FTX.US for less than $10,000 there’s a $75 fee. This is pretty huge. Your choices to avoid this fee are essentially to HODL until you’re rolling in the dough OR send your send your crypto to your KuCoin account and then cash out from there.


You’ll be able to deposit any of the 33 cryptos traded on FTX.US from any of your external wallets. FTX’s website says all these are without fees with the exception of any ERC-20, Ethereum, or Binance Smartchain tokens. Deposits on cryptos are straight forward and follow the same rules as all the other times you’ve moved crypto from wallet to wallet.

How to fund your FTX.US account with fiat currency (bank account or credit card)

1. Log in to your FTX account, or create a new account. Click wallet on the top left of the homepage, then Deposits in the middle of the next page and then make a deposit on the right side.

2. You’ll be shown the make a deposit pop-up which will by default be on the all balances tab. If you don’t see the currency you’d like to deposit, click the fiat button on the top right of the pop-up. If you do see it click deposit on the right. Click on the fiat you’d like to deposit. If you’re using a credit card, select USD and click deposit to the right.

3. You’re now presented with the deposit USD (or other currency) pop-up. You’ll see options for stablecoins; ignore these. For depositing with a bank account, choose deposit from bank account (ACH) and choose connect a bank account. You’ll be prompted with the Plaid pop-up. Click continue and follow Plaid’s process to connect your bank account.

4. For depositing with a credit card, choose deposit via card. Select add a new card in the pop up that follows. Enter your credit card information, then select submit card on the bottom right. You’ll be taken back to the ‘Deposit any currency by card‘ pop up. On the drop down menu, select the card you just added. Enter the card’s CVV in the CVV box. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit in USD in the Amount box. Then click submit on the bottom right of the pop-up.

5. Click out of the pop-up. Underneath Deposits you’ll see your transaction attempt and the status- it will likely say ‘processing’ for a few minutes while the payment gets approved. Note: some credit cards will throw a security alert and not process. If this happens, call your bank.

How to fund your FTX.US account with crypto

1. Repeat step #1 for fiat, then select the crypto button. Scroll through the cryptocurrencies you see and then click deposit to the right of the crypto you’d like to fund your FTX.US account with.

2. You’ll be prompted with a deposit BTC (or insert cryptocurrency) box. Use the copy button to copy the address to your clipboard. Go to your crypto hardware wallet, Coinbase, KuCoin or other exchange or wallet and enter that address and send the amount of crypto you’d like.

3. Click out of the box and see the progress of your deposits underneath the deposits tab of your wallet page. Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to deposit, this should take anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes. Don’t flip- if you put the address in right, it will come.

Now you’re ready to start trading on FTX! The fees are super low and it’s one of the most secure exchanges out there. Good luck!

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