How to Enable Dark Mode on Coinbase iPhone App

TL;DR- Hit the three lines on the top right of your home page. Select profile & settings. Scroll down and select appearance underneath display. Toggle between device settings, light, and dark depending on your preference!

Tired of your eyeballs burning after checking your crypto balances 50 times per day? Rather than do the sane thing and look at our phones less, us crypto degens need another fix. We need dark mode. The prices of cryptos can’t go up unless we’re constantly staring at them, right?

How to enable dark mode on your Coinbase iPhone app

1. Open your Coinbase app on your iPhone. Make sure you have it updated. Select the three lines in the top right to get to the main menu.

2. When the main menu pops up on the side, select profile & settings.

3. You’re brought to the settings screen. Scroll down to the display menu, and select appearance.

4. Toggle between default with device setting, dark mode, or light mode.

That’s it!

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