How to Change Your Wallet on OpenSea

TL;DR- OpenSea only allows for one wallet per account. Most NFT holders on OpenSea have multiple accounts, given this fact. This tutorial shows how to create a new username and swap your wallet for another wallet you want on your desired account. You can also change your wallet to ‘alternative’ blockchains like Polygon and Klaytn.

If you haven’t already, I heavily recommend getting a hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano to hold your crypto and NFTs! A little bit of spending on security goes a long way in the jungle of a space that crypto is.

To get down to business, use the ‘Jump to Section’ above and ‘How to Change Your Wallet on OpenSea.’

If you end up sending your NFTs from one of your wallets to another, always be careful and double-check the addresses before sending.

How do I change my MetaMask wallet on OpenSea?

Change your username on your existing OpenSea account. Make sure to copy your old one. Go into MetaMask and switch your account to your other (desired) MetaMask address/account. Log out of OpenSea and connect this wallet. Go to your new profile page and paste your old username into the username field.
In the steps below, I’ll use MetaMask as an example. I’ll switch my account from one of my MetaMask wallets to another. As you know, MetaMask browser wallets can hold multiple addresses, including links to your hardware wallets.

Can my OpenSea get hacked?

No- but your browser wallets can get hacked where the assets are.
To hack your OpenSea account, a hacker would either need to a) get your seed phrase for your browser wallet or b) take control of your computer, open your browser wallets, and send your NFTs to their account.

I love browser wallets (MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet), but they are far easier to hack than hardware wallets or wallets held on an exchange. Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor physically require you to plug in and enter your passwords on the device’s screen to send things. Wallets on exchanges are often more secure because they have other gates like trading passwords and 2fa.
The fact that Software wallets connect to the internet is why I keep my NFTs on my Ledger Nano. I stumbled across a quick guide to getting my NFTs on my hardware wallet, so that’s where they sit now.

How do I hide my OpenSea wallet address?

Unfortunately, you can’t do this, but you can hide your NFTs from being seen. Don’t fret, though- no one can hack or do anything to your wallets by knowing your public address. In NFTs & Crypto, it’s your private keys/seed phrase that people need to hack you. Never give away your private keys or seed phrase to anyone. Take that shit to the grave.

You could post your public wallet address all over the internet (not recommended), and no one would be able to do anything unless they had your private keys.

How to change your wallet on OpenSea

0. Decide which wallet you want to change to. I’ll switch one of my accounts from my MetaMask wallet to my Coinbase Wallet in this example.

1. Log in to your OpenSea account you wish to change the wallet on. Click the round profile icon in the top right and select profile to your profile home.

On your profile home, click the settings gear on the right side.

2. On your profile settings page, cut your username out of the username box. Fill in another username into the box. When finished with this, click the blue save button at the bottom.

3. Click the round profile circle in the top right, and select log out.

4. After logging out, the connect wallet screen reappears. Connect with the new wallet you want to have on your account. If you’ve been using one MetaMask account but want to switch over to another MetaMask account, click the circle in the top right of MetaMask and select the account you’d like to switch over to.

5. You’re brought to a new, unnamed account. Go to the settings page for this new account by either selecting the settings gear on the right of your profile page or clicking the profile drop-down on the top right and selecting settings.

Paste your old username into the username box. The old username is the same one that we cut earlier. Enter your email into the email box, but make sure it’s the same email you had before.

When finished, scroll to the bottom and click save.

That’s it! Note that this process does not involve any transfer of NFTs from one wallet to another. This guide by CyberScrilla shows you how to transfer your NFTs from one wallet to another.

Next, we’ll look at how to interact with OpenSea using an ‘alternative’ blockchain like Polygon. Why do this? Polygon is gas-free, meaning you’re not going to be hit with tens of dollars in fees when moving your NFTs around. Ethereum is medieval in how expensive and slow it is to move assets around. Ethereum 2.0 is going to fix that, though, right?

How to switch wallet to another blockchain on OpenSea (I.e., Polygon)

  1. Go to In the top right of the landing page, select connect wallet. Your browser wallet will automatically pop up and ask for consent to connect to Chainlist. For the Coinbase wallet, hit connect. For MetaMask, hit next and then hit connect.

2. Once connected, go to the ‘search networks’ bar on Chainlist and enter the crypto network for which you’re looking. In this example, I enter MATIC, Polygon’s ticker. I see two options for Polygon show up: one for the TestNet and one for the MainNet. Under the MainNet, select add to MetaMask or your respective browser wallet (Trust, Coinbase, etc.).

MetaMask will prompt you to approve the addition of the Polygon network to your wallet. Select approve. Make sure you have no pending transactions happening, then select switch network.

3. Back on your MetaMask or other wallets, you’ll be able to select the network dropdown at the top of the screen and choose which network you’re getting ready to do stuff on.

Select the Polygon Mainnet if it’s not already selected. Then go to OpenSea and connect your MetaMask wallet. OpenSea should bring you to a new account, where you’ll need to fill out your info and pick a unique username. Happy hunting for NFTs on the Polygon network! Enjoy the low-to-no fees.

Be careful out there.

Not financial advice, but you should always think long and hard before apeing into a JPEG. The crypto and NFT market are super frothy, and many coins and NFT projects will go to zero- and I do mean zero. There’s real value in NFTs and blockchain technology and loads of speculation and human stupidity. Those two things are not mutually exclusive- they can exist simultaneously!

Be wary of ‘free NFT airdrops’ and never give away your private keys or seed phrase to anyone. If you hold valuable NFTs, I’d recommend getting them onto a hardware wallet. This way, if a hacker takes control of your computer, he still won’t be able to get your NFTs and coins.

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