How to Cancel Your Order on KuCoin

Is your order taking forever to execute? Go to your trading screen on KuCoin, then scroll down to where it says open orders. Find the order and on the right side hit cancel.

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Can you cancel orders on KuCoin?

Yes- but only if KuCoin hasn’t yet filled your order. If KuCoin filled your order, place another one to reverse the one you wanted to cancel. Check if KuCoin filled your order. You’ll know KuCoin filled it if you go to the trading screen and look down to open orders and don’t see any. If KuCoin completes a trade, you’ll see a white pop-up confirmation with light green text. If your sound’s on, you’ll also hear that satisfying ‘cha-ching’ sound.

Why hasn’t KuCoin filled my order?

Did you do a stop limit or limit order instead of a market order? KuCoin won’t execute if the trigger criteria aren’t met. For example: let’s say you do a spot order to buy Bitcoin at $23,433 or below. You place your order. But by the time you place your order, Bitcoin’s price goes up to $23,500. Bitcoin continues to go up. Your order never executes, because KuCoin is waiting for the price to go back under $23,433.

You can see I set a limit price of $42,005 for a Bitcoin buy, but the price is way above that ($42,176), so the order won’t execute.

How to cancel your trade/order on KuCoin

1. Make sure you’re logged in to your KuCoin account. On your home screen, select trade in the top center. When the drop-down appears, select spot trading. If your stuck order is on KuCoin Futures, select margin trading.

2. When you arrive at the trading screen, scroll down to the bottom left. On the menu under the candlestick screen, select the open orders button on the left.

3. Here you’ll see your trades. Below I’ve got an Ethereum trade that KuCoin’s not executing. Find the trade you want to cancel, and select the turquoise cancel button. To cancel all trades, hit the cancel all button in the top right of the lower menu.

4. If the order cancels, you’ll get a white pop-up in the top left saying KuCoin canceled the order.

Note: KuCoin’s online platform is buggy. Users often can’t see the open orders screen on the trading screen.

I have two fixes: the first (always works) is using the KuCoin app on your phone to cancel the order by following the same steps. The next is logging out, clearing your browser cookies, and logging back in. You can also try logging in from a different browser.

How do I cancel my order on the KuCoin app?

The process is the same on the KuCoin app, but things look different since it’s a mobile interface. Hit the trade button in the middle and scroll down to open orders then hit cancel.

How can you fix this moving forward?

You should use market trades only when buying and selling. When on the trading screen, click over from limit to market.


KuCoin is legit. But it’s got drawbacks. First, it’s only pseudo-legal in the US. Second, you can’t connect your bank account. With KuCoin, you’ll always have to transfer to and from another exchange, like Coinbase.

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