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GramFree: Welcome to Scam City

TL;DR- GramFree operates under the false promise of being a ‘crypto game’ that’s ‘play to earn’. No one person on this site review page has stated that they’ve actually earned any money on the platform. Do yourself a favor and spend time elsewhere. Too good to be true? It is. Play to earn with a legit project like Along With The Gods on Roblox instead.

What is GramFree?

GramFree bills itself as a ‘play to earn’ crypto gaming platform, where users can perform certain actions to earn GRAM, the platform’s cryptocurrency. GramFree has no affiliation whatsoever with the highly successful social media platform Telegram. GramFree awards its users in GRAM, a cryptocurrency that doesn’t trade on any reputable crypto exchange. Gram has a nice UX- a good disguise for the bullshit that’s underneath.

I don’t want to hate on people who speak English as a second language, but if the site has poor grammar, there’s plenty of reason to be suspect.

On GramFree, users can sign ‘smart contracts’ to earn gram, enter gram lotteries, watch stupid videos to earn gram, and earn gram through referring other people to the platform.
Smart contracts are NOT what you’re seeing on the GramFree interface.

What do smart contracts look like? Not this

Smart contracts (in reality) are programs built onto a coin’s blockchain. For example, let’s say you write a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain to pay someone 1 Ethereum 10 days from now. You could set that up, and then 10 days from now, the smart contract platform uses an oracle crypto like Chainlink to confirm the date, and then the Ethereum is transferred to that someone you wanted to pay. ‘Signing’ a ‘smart contract’ on the GramFree interface and having to come back at a set amount of time to sign it again is nothing like what smart contracts are actually used for (like trading NFTs).

Videos on GramFree

Another option to make money is by watching videos on the GramFree website. This is another moneymaking scheme, as the videos are on YouTube and the more views a video gets, the more that YouTube account will be able to monetize with ads.

Lottery on GramFree

On the review site linked above in the TL;DR, there are hundreds of reviews of people who’ve had their accounts suspiciously suspended while trying to withdrawal funds. Another site has confirmed that the lottery is indeed a scam with no winners.

Don’t you think it’s suspect that GramFree doesn’t have customer service?

Do this instead of wasting time on GramFree

The most precious thing in life is time. Do you want to earn money? The best thing you can possible do is invest in yourself. Read books, learn a new skill online, or start a blog! Don’t waste your time on gimmicky bullshit like GramFree.

What’s worse, this site will turn around and sell your email and profile pictures to other businesses who will spam email you. Every site needs to make money- and this site does it through ads and selling huge lists of emails to businesses so they can blow up your inbox.

But if you like being lied to and wasting your time, then go for it!

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