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How to Fix MetaMask Incorrectly Displaying Your Balance

We’ve all experienced it- that nightmare feeling when you can’t see your crypto balance and think it may have been stolen. Don’t freak out- crypto networks are by and large secure, and it’s most likely just a problem MetaMask is having displaying your balance. Read on below for some fixes to this issue.


MetaMask is the most popular browser-based crypto wallet by leaps and bounds- but it’s far from perfect. Ethereum Gas Fees seem to be the worst with MetaMask, and its interface is clunky and confusing. Every single time I send coins to and from my MetaMask wallet, I look at the gas fees and say to myself “wow, that could’ve been a meal at Taco Bell/A tank of actual gas/a pair of shoes” depending on how high the gas fees are at that moment. If ETH wants more adoption, they’ve got to lower their god damn fees. Anyway, Metamask has other problems, too.

There’s a little song and dance you have to do to be able to view your NFTs on your MetaMask wallet. The wallet is capable of holding coins on different networks like Polygon, and you can even hook up your hardware wallet to see the balances you hold there. Unfortunately the steps to be able to use these features are a little clumsy.

Lastly, MetaMask often has trouble displaying the correct balances for your coins. I haven’t yet figured out why or how this happens, but I do have some common fixes that help.

Do this first

We want to find out what your real wallet balances are to make sure MetaMask is indeed displaying the incorrect balance. For every major cryptocurrency, there are ‘block explorers‘ that can display every single transaction associated with any wallet address, ever. This ‘immutable ledger’ is a big selling point for blockchain technology. It’s all out in the open. For Ethereum, the most popular block explorer is Etherscan.io. If you go there and input your wallet address in the top search bar, it will show you not only your ETH balance, but also every single transaction made to and from that wallet address.

  • First, open your MetaMask wallet, and click the three dots in the top right. From the drop-down menu, select view account on etherescan.io.
  • Next to balance your true crypto balance should show here.
  • If the balance displayed on etherscan differs from the balance your MetaMask is showing, the best fix is to uninstall and reinstall your MetaMask browser wallet. The most likely scenario here is your balance on etherscan is correct and your MetaMask is showing the incorrect balance.
  • If this doesn’t look right, you need to go through the transaction history by scrolling down and making sure the transaction button on the left is selected.

Monitor each transaction and make sure everything looks like. Check the “to” addresses and match them up with your other addresses on KuCoin or Binance. If there’s an outbound transaction to another wallet address you don’t recognize, then your crypto may have been stolen.

Next, quit your browser and re-open it, and log back on to MetaMask. This might solve the issue, too.

  • To uninstall your MetaMask wallet from your browse first make sure you have your seed phrase written down somewhere. You can follow these steps to view your MetaMask seed phrase before logging out and doing the uninstall. To uninstall (on Chrome), click the puzzle icon in the top right of your browser and navigate down to MetaMask on the drop down menu. Select the three dots next to the MetaMask name and select remove from chrome.
  • Once that’s done, quit your browser and reopen it. Go to https://metamask.io/download/ and reinstall your MetaMask wallet. You’ll need click the import wallet option on the left and enter your seed phrase. When your wallet pops up, it should display the correct balance.

Note: etherscan can be used to see all ERC-20 token transactions. There are a lot of ERC-20 tokens including Shiba Inu, Chainlink, Tether, Basic Attention Token, and others. To view ERC-20 token transactions, click the tokens drop down and look at your token balances.

Metamask is error prone, and it’s annoying.

That being said, MetaMask is still the most popular way to manage your Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. If this was too much trouble and you’re done with MetaMask, I suggest you try setting up the the Coinbase browser wallet.

Hopefully one of these solutions resolves your MetaMask balance display issue! And if not, crawl the likes of StackExchange and Reddit for more unique answers. Good luck to you on your crypto journey!

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