Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts for Beginners

Despite running a blog on the topic, early on I had a tough time understanding how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies worked. I heard words like “decentralized” and “distributed ledger” and “consensus” and didn’t get what the deal was. It took a while for things to start to click. For me, it turned out there were other parent topics to crypto that I needed to understand, like computer science and the role money plays in society. I think you’ll find that whatever time you invest in learning about crypto and blockchain will be well worth your while. I think the complexity of cryptocurrencies is one of the biggest things holding the asset class back. Below I’ve pointed out three crypto podcasts for beginners and listed several links to key episodes I think are important to get you going on your crypto journey.

Why get to know crypto?

One of the most important things billionaire investor Peter Lynch points out is that you need to know what you’re investing in. Too many people have little idea of the business models of the companies they invest in- and I think that’s fine if you’re just passively investing into a low-cost index fund like the S&P 500 (SPY). But the cryptocurrency space is still very niche and highly volatile. Very few know how blockchain works and would have a tough time explaining it. Thankfully for all of us (and this has included me), there are numerous resources out there that are easy to understand and cover a large range of topics. 

The crypto space has too many price prediction & speculation resources

So many of the crypto ‘experts’ on YouTube do nothing but use charting and technical analysis to make predictions based on probabilities as to where the price of a coin is going to go. Let me tell you a fundamental truth you need to know about the markets and especially crypto: no one knows where the prices are going to go. After a reporter famously asked J.P. Morgan if the stock market was going to go up or down in the 19th century, he answered “it’s going to fluctuate” which will always be true. This is why I would recommend paying attention to the resources that are educating about the actual cryptocurrency and talking about the fundamentals. At the end of the day, if you know the fundamentals, prospects, and tokenomics of a coin, you’ll have a much more clear idea of whether that coin is going to succeed. Here are some solid information sources if you’re just starting out in the crypto space:

The Coin Bureau podcast

I literally cannot boast about this podcast enough. I feel like Guy at the Coin Bureau has contributed to at least half my knowledge of the crypto space. Each podcast is also an ad-free YouTube video. The ad-free aspect I can honestly say 95%+ of other crypto youtubers don’t do this.  Too many Crypto YouTubers and Podcasters only focus on price speculation, price targets, and technical analysis- often without much regular consistency and tend to publish in spurts when the market is moving really well. 

Why the Coin Bureau podcast

So many of Guy’s episodes are actually about crypto and not it’s price. You’ll find that these podcasts are nonstop information that’s said eloquently and concisely. I almost never not feel smarter about cryptocurrency after listening to one of Guy’s bits. If there’s something in each video that you may not know about, Guy has links to other videos that explain precisely that. Since he publishes every day, he has a thorough library covering a huge swath of cryptos, exchanges, hardware wallets, staking and lending platforms, and anything else you might want to know about crypto. Here are some episodes if you’re just starting out:

CBDCs: Good or Bad for Crypto –About Govcoins (Central Bank Digital Currencies) (7)

Technical analysis formations and much more (41)

How to Do You Own Research (46)

Crypto Stress: How to Handle it (57)

The Top 10 Crypto Tips- Making the Most of a Bull Market (76)

Crypto Terms & Lingo (78)

Crypto Categories You Need to Know (169)

Explaining Crypto to Complete to Beginners (173)

The Crypto 101 podcast

This is the perfect podcast for beginners. The entirety of the podcast is viewed through the lens of a beginner, and Bryce and Aaron have released over 400 episodes to date. Bryce has experience in developing business partnerships between companies and cryptocurrency projects, and Aaron has a data mining and computer science background. The podcast has loads of interviews with experts in the space- so you’re bound to find something that you like. Start with these episodes:

Episode 9- Public and Private Keys + A Star Trek Analogy

Episode 8- What Are Wallets and Should You Use One?

Episode 4- HODL and Other Slang

Episode 13 Proof of Work and Proof of Stake 

Episode 17 What is an ICO, IPO, Token, and the SEC?

The Prof G Podcast

This is not a cryptocurrency specific broadcast- it’s a business & tech podcast, but it’s incredible and one of my favorites. Professor Scott Galloway of the NYU Stern School of Business hosts the show, and has some incredible guests. Each episode Scott goes over the happenings in the tech industry, which is helpful to know especially since many big tech companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Square, and Tesla all have some kind of strategy surrounding blockchain technology and crypto. Understanding how tech companies introduce products and craft their strategies to remain competitive will help you learn principles that can be applied to the crypto industry as well. For example, Bitcoin has had and still has first-mover advantage- several things about Bitcoin are not up to par with other cryptocurrencies, such as its energy usage and transaction speed- but since people are familiar with the coin, it has seen more adoption. Start with these episodes:

Episode 40 State of Play: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor

Episode 54 Crypto, NFTs and Blockchain with former Goldman executive Raoul Paul

Episode 85 Defi & NFTs with Penn State law professor Tonya Evans

What this podcast lacks in cryptocurrency-specific content it more than makes up for in style and presentation and sheer entertainment value. Galloway is a top professor at NYU and students and professionals spend thousands to take his classes. This podcast gets you a lot of that pizazz for free. 

Don’t burn yourself out

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain space can be overwhelming. I’ve always maintained the mantra of “one day at a time.” I made the decision a while back that crypto is a technology I believe in and that it will shape society in the future, and has already begun to do so. For a period, I definitely burned myself out with day trading crypto and reading everything I could to help me make price predictions. But if you can learn about the technology a little at a time and invest wisely then it will be a lot less stressful.

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