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CoinStats: Everything You Need to Know

TL;DR- If you’re a total crypto degenerate like me and love to check your crypto balances several times per day/hour/minute, Coinstats is a must. The base version is free, and Coinstats has ‘pro’ for $5/month and ‘premium’ for $20/month. If you pay annually, prices are cheaper. If you don’t have it yet, give the base version a try.

What is Coinstats?
If you’re a more serious crypto enthusiast, it’s likely that you have accounts with a few exchanges or more. You might keep some of your crypto on a hardware wallet. It’s good to have assets spread out across several mediums. But you know what sucks about that? You have to open many apps to check all your crypto balances.
If I’m in a boring Zoom meeting at work and want to check my crypto portfolio, I’d rather be able to do it quickly so I can pretend I was listening to the call!

Enter Coinstats. Coinstats allows you to sync all your crypto exchange accounts, software wallets, and hardware wallets. This means you can have a complete view of all your holdings with a sum total balance. Now you only have to check one app to see your crypto instead of five!
Given how many times I [compulsively] check my balances, this has saved me a LOT of time. Coinstats can also come in handy come tax time to track your gains and losses.

Coinstats fees

How much does this massive convenience cost? Coinstats has three tiers of usage. Here they are:

1) Base version (free): connects an account from two different exchanges.
2) Pro version ($5/month or $42/year): ten different exchanges, and ten different hardware or software wallets. This is the version I use and it’s been doing just fine!
3) Premium version ($20/month or $168/year): unlimited exchange connections, unlimited wallet connections, and a ‘personal account manager’.

I’d venture to say that 90%+ of crypto enthusiasts can get by on the pro version. Unless you’re a serious crypto baller with assets all over the place, I’d say you don’t need to spend money on premium.

Can you buy and sell on Coinstats?

Yep! You can do this. Coinstats has a ‘buy’ feature when you click into any crypto. Coinstats will take you to a screen that shows the prices of the cryptocurrency across various exchanges, and will allow you to choose one. Coinstats does this with a credit card interface, or Apple Pay. Note: you do need to have pro or above to be able to do this. When you buy, Coinstats will put the crypto in your wallet address on the exchange you purchased it on.

Is Coinstats a wallet?

Coinstats does have a ‘DeFi wallet’ that it uses to conveniently interface with several DeFi exchanges. These include Uniswap, Pancake Swap, SushiSwap, 1inch, Polkadot, and Compound. It functions very similarly to MetaMask or TrustWallet- it gives access to exchanges and tokens on the Binance Smartchain and Ethereum Mainnet.

How do you ‘put money’ on Coinstats?

You don’t put any money into Coinstats, unless we’re talking about using the above DeFi wallet. Coinstats is just a tool for tracking your crypto balances you own in other places. Places like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, KuCoin, pretty much anywhere. Coinstats also has a feature where you can manually add transactions if your crypto is somewhere that cannot be linked to Coinstats, like a syrup pool in the DeFi platform Pancake Swap.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started:
How to link your Coinbase account to Coinstats
How to link your Binance account to Coinstats
How to link your Ledger wallet to Coinstats

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