Coinbase Pro: Find Your Wallet Address

Coinbase Pro is pretty amazing- it’s got a lot of the clean user interface that Coinbase has but has drastically lower fees. Seriously, use Coinbase Pro- regular Coinbase’s fees are super high. If you haven’t already created a Coinbase Pro account-you can just use the same login credentials as your Coinbase account. Coinbase Pro offers opportunities for funding from your regular Coinbase account, and also allows you set stop losses and take profits.

All different cryptocurrencies have different wallet addresses- so if you have a Coinbase account, you have a wallet address for each type of cryptocurrency on Coinbase (I.e. an Ethereum address, a Dogecoin address, a Bitcoin address). You absolutely have to make sure you send the right crypto to the right address. Otherwise, you’ll lose it. I hate that blockchain is this way, and quite frankly think it needs to be more user friendly for mainstream adoption.

How to find your Coinbase Pro wallet address

  • Login to Coinbase Pro. On the left side of the screen where it says wallet balance select the deposit button. You’re met with a pop-up in the middle of the screen. I’m wanting to find my Avalanche Coin (AVAX) address today, so I start to type the crypto’s name in the text box and then select the crypto when it appears. Otherwise, you can just scroll down the list until you see the crypto you’re looking for your address for.

  • After selecting the crypto from the drop down, there will be a ‘Deposit [crypto]’ box that pops up. Select the crypto address option, unless you’re looking to bring in your crypto from your regular Coinbase account.

  • Coinbase Pro will display your wallet address as both a QR code and the text string below it. If you’re looking to paste your crypto address somewhere else, hit the copy icon to the right of the address text.

Note: with some cryptos including Stellar Lumens (XLM), you need to copy and paste the ‘memo’ field else the transaction won’t work. To my knowledge, XLM is the only crypto on Coinbase that does this.

Once your crypto is received, you’re reading to start trading on Coinbase Pro!

How to select a trading pair

Alternatively, On the left side of the home trading screen, select the select market dropdown. What cryptocurrency are you trying to find your wallet address for? Type that crypto’s name into the search bar if you don’t immediately see that cryptocurrency in the dropdown. In this example, I’ll enter Avalanche (AVAX). Select the crypto you’re looking to trade.

Note- if the trading pair you want isn’t there, you’ll need to convert your coins into either USD or Bitcoin and then select the trading pair with USD or Bitcoin to your ‘destination’ crypto.

Wrap up

Always be super careful when sending and receiving crypto anywhere. Double and triple-check the first 5 and last 5 digits of the wallet address to make sure it matches. Many times if I’m sending a large amount of money, I’ll send a small amount of money first just to test it and make sure I’ve got the address right. Always enable two-factor authentication for your accounts on the exchanges. Hacks do happen. It sucks. Your Coinbase Pro wallet addresses will be different than your regular Coinbase account addresses!

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